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Once you have a list, decide whether there are more similarities or differences between the topics. Grant's underlying aspirations However, here is another way to organize the same paper: Add a thesis statement.

Don't try to compare a president and a cab driver, or existentialism and a legislative bill on car tax refunds. How about receiving a customized one? In case the best option to introduce both topics is through point-by-point comparison, obey this structure:. help on writing an essay youtube Or, if you are examining a person, like a president, pick another president for comparison or contrast. Concentrate on characteristics that either are shared or are opposing between the two subjects.

Help writing a comparison and contrast essay literary purchase research paper green building

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In your list you have uncovered important points of dissimilarity between them. However, it should consist of enough similarities and differences to aid you in creating an initial starting point and help you to formulate essay ideas. Help writing a comparison and contrast essay literary You may choose to focus exclusively on comparing, exclusively on contrasting, or on both-or your instructor may direct you to do one or both. Call these three points A, B, and C.

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It makes sense a person should start by picking a couple of good subjects to differentiate and draw parallels. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. example thesis statement analysis essay Your Password goes here. Both trees provide shade. At the same time, a three-point structure helps you avoid oversimplifying, especially when addressing controversial topics in which discussions tend to become polarized—right or wrong, black or white, for or against.

After having settled on the items for comparison, it is necessary to think methodically about how the items relate to one another and how they may differ and to create a list that clearly outlines your findings. The introductory paragraph should engage readers and encourage them to continue reading, for this reason it is important to focus on a key fact about one of the subjects being compared or to ask a question that will be answered in the body or conclusion of the essay. assignment essay helping to others For example, if the initial compare and contrast paragraph focuses on comparing and contrasting each tree, the second should focus on a different point — like the overall esthetics of the two, and the third may be about differences in upkeep.

An introduction reveals the main point and shares the primary data about the selected elements with the reader. The first, being the one mentioned earlier — the Point-by-Point or Alternating Method. custom college papers zahira A compare and contrast essay examines two or more topics objects, people, or ideas, for example , comparing their similarities and contrasting their differences.

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For example, you may determine that the fruit of the apple tree can be harvested to create food whereas the wood of the oak tree can be harvested to create shelter. As you create your list, is it clear why you are comparing and contrasting these two subjects? Imagine you are examining Robert E. Help writing a comparison and contrast essay literary Generally speaking, teachers prefer when students use the point-by-point method because it has been proven to more accurately highlight the differences and similarities by contrasting each point.

Do you have a preference for one or the other? You have decided to contrast the two subjects. This type of assignment is an academic paper, which depicts 2 or more similar yet different things by focusing on what they have in common and what makes them different. Help writing a comparison and contrast essay literary Add a thesis statement.

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