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They are terrible at evaluating costs and benefits of a new solution because they only see the benefits. Every time you do not have to touch a document to update it is time saved, which can be converted to a savings for the company. college essay services video They can manipulate graphic position, page breaks, fonts, and other formatting attributes.

In fact, many companies will require a break-even point the point where the savings is equal to the investment costs to be no more than two years. If this is the case, resources may be needed to make updates to the legacy documentation, and this could be a good fit for the person who absolutely does not grasp the new paradigm. customized research paper quotes and summaries are used What preparation will be required?

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This article answers some basic questions that will help you determine if this is a good path for your company and identify what you have to do to prepare for the transition. Consistency is enforced by the authoring software. Professional writer services xbml A company needs to know that their investment for any new process will eventually provide some return on investment ROI. Resource allocation — XML implementation requires significant resources, either from staff or consultants. This reduces overall document production costs.

What value is the company going to realize? So, what type of content will eventually provide a return on investment? In the XML world, a successful author produces useful, well-written content that is valid conforms to the required structure. It is cheapest to use the standards as defined by DITA but it is possible to customize the tags to allow your content to be written in your style.

With over 20 years experience in a variety of high-tech industries, Barbara brings core competencies in all levels of business and a high-level expertise in the communications aspect of project process. Template compliance is mandatory — Templates are enforced by the authoring software, and authors are required to conform to the structure that is loaded into the authoring system. Professional writer services xbml Authors have no ability to fine-tune the layouts to improve the appearance of the final deliverable. It may be your task to create this plan, but more than likely someone in the business management side of the company will need to get involved.

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Kuhn defined a paradigm shift as a new idea that required a change in basic assumptions. If you are a writer or techcom manager who is encouraging your company to make this change, then what do you need to know to prepare? Conclusion Should you take the plunge?

Conclusion Should you take the plunge? For instance, can the product description be used by marketing and by engineering? As a result, some of the points here are not applicable to FrameMaker. The first two do not change in an XML workflow, but the last item does. can you write my essay life experience Kuhn defined a paradigm shift as a new idea that required a change in basic assumptions.

Because of this, paradigm shifts are often difficult to accept. Although exact details vary, desktop publishing environments usually have the following characteristics:. editing an essay ends with had i known Because of the change in tools, you may be in a position to reduce or eliminate tasks that are tedious in the current authoring and publishing environment. This provides a direct benefit to the authors and will make the transition more palatable.

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The XML paradigm has the following characteristics:. Some organizations choose to leave some documentation in the old, unstructured workflow rather than going to the effort of converting the content to XML. Professional writer services xbml Broadly, you can divide this group into two categories—those who can and will learn, and those who will not. As a result, you will probably be the spearhead for gathering the information that will allow them to make this determination.

Determine what content within the company can be reused. If software is purchased, IT support will be required. Professional writer services xbml If they master new software easily, follow templates consistently, and are always looking for ways to improve the content creation process, your risks are low.

XML authoring changes the success criteria for authors. Once you have approval from the technophile group, you can move on to the writers who are open to considering new technology but whose reactions are not always reflexively positive. Professional writer services xbml Most groups have a resident curmudgeon—someone who rejects change on general principle.

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